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  KICS provides commercial hosting and email accounts to commercial organizations and individuals. All monies raised through our commercial hosting go directly to sustaining KICS' community initiatives.
  Commerical customers must read and abide by our Acceptable Use Policy, Spam Policy and Disclaimer of Liability.
  $20 setup fee
  $10 per month
  Payment is made, in full, on a yearly (not monthly) basis. No refund provided if the acceptable use policy or spam policy is not adhered to. No refund provided if you terminate your hosting or your hosting is terminated before a year's term.
  Still interested? Fill out an Application Form and KICS will contact you as soon as possible.
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200 megabytes of storage space (200 more megabytes for $10 per month)
Extra disk space is free on request for non-profit accounts
Unlimited internet traffic
Unlimited email forwarding for everything@yourdomain.com
Unlimited POP mailboxes (this is rare!)
Web-based email
Unlimited subdomains like sales.yourdomain.com
Anti-spam email service
Optional anti-virus email filter
Your own mailing lists
CGI, PHP, Tcl, Perl, Python, etc.
MySQL databases
UNIX shell account with SSH and Telnet access
Fully customizable Apache configuration
Additional domain aliases (example.com, example.net, example.org):
$20 setup + $0 per month (no setup fee for non-profits)
Expert technical support
  In order to operate your web site, you may also need some of the following services, which are *not* included:
  Domain name registration (yourdomain.com)
  Web site design, construction, and maintenance
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  KICS emails all invoices and receipts   * Required Fields
Business *
Business Contact *
Business Phone (& area code) *  like 250-352-1615
Administrative / Billing Contact *
Administrative / Billing Email *
Address *
City / Town *
Province   like BC or AB
Postal Code *   like V1L 5K4
Technical Contact Name *
Technical Contact Email *
Would you like to be listed in our client directory as a 'KICS Supporter'? 

Domain name *

Is this a new domain name, or are you moving from another ISP?*

I just registered my domain; I used ns1.kics.bc.ca and ns2.kics.bc.ca as my name servers;

My domain name is already hosted by another ISP; I will change my name servers when the new site is ready.

If you haven't registered your domain name yet, please register it now, before you submit your application form.
Refer to step 1 on the step-by-step page for more details.

Description of your business or organization.* (Note: KICS will not host any website which is racist, violent, pornographic or promotes intolerance of any kind.)

Please read our brief acceptable use policy before proceeding.

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